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Probably one of the best software on the market 

"Carrying out the conceptual design of an airplane has never been made so simple and efficient".

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In a minimum of time, the user defines the desired geometry by automatically integrating a certain number of constraining internal components into it. The dimensions of the aircraft are determined by calculation to meet the objectives set out in the specifications. Performance are computed for all phases of flight and flight conditions. Development and operating costs are computed based on the technical choices made and the commercial objectives sought.

The ADSV4 computation engine is a compilation of the best algorithms, chosen for their excellent accuracy / time-to-compute ratio. The algorithms are extracted from academic & scientific publications and reference books such as the USAF DATCOM, Roskam, Raymer... Technical notes written by OAD complete them and are directly accessible via the software's interface.

The software's interface is impressively user-friendly. It offers great ease of data entry and interpretation of results via reports, tables and graphs.

ADS can be used to:

  • Trying out new ideas or new concepts
  • Exploring all the flight conditions of an existing aircraft
  • Studying the impact of modifications on an existing aircraft
  • Understanding the design process of products in general
  • Understanding more specifically the design process of an aircraft

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