ADS Aircraft Design Software

Aircraft Design Software

Probably one of the best software on the market 

Prices and Conditions


ADS-Light V461 225 € 244.54 $ (1)   
ADS-Homebuilder V461 595 € 646.68 $ (1)   
ADS-Pro V461 1995 € 2168.29 $ (1)   
ADS-Corporate V461 19190 € 20856.93 $ (1)   
On-Line training (3h) 295 € 320.62 $ (1)  


ADS "Customized": Request Pricing

Educational and multiple license discounts: Request Pricing

Rental on a monthly basis: Request Pricing


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The price includes the maintenance fee for the first year. After the first year, annual payment of a maintenance is required to have access to product updates and user service. The amount of the annual maintenance fee due is 20% of the updated purchase price. Fees not paid within 30 days are subject to a surcharge, in which case the fee is calculated as follows: [ 20%+ (delay in number of days / 365) . 20%] purchase price. The maintenance agreement is entered into for a period of 1 year from the date of payment of the fee.

The maintenance is optional. The software won't be blocked even if no maintenance is subscribed.

Maintenance entitles users to the following services:

  • Free availability of the latest version of ADS (an average of 3 updates are planned per year)
  • Free access to the databases
  • Free access to the technical reports

The presence of a coded key is required to use ADS.


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(1) A tax of 21% must be added to this amount for:

  • Individual living in the CEE,
  • Company established in Belgium.

Prices valid in Euro. Prices in US Dollars are for information only, and are subject to fluctuations with the exchange rate.






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