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ADS-Pro V421

ADS-Data (ADS Database)


ADS-PRO V421 – new features

Model Light Business Airplane

  • Turbopropeller engines
  • Interior: cabin, flight deck
  • Doors: passenger, emergency, cargo doors
  • Display containers

Add turbopropeller database

Add new checks during the run

  • Interference of crew members with the wall of the fuselage
  • CG range for all load cases

Create engine envelope by default for:

  • Turbofan, Turbojet
  • Turbopropeller
  • Electric motor

Longitudinal Control Lines Editor and Control Stations Editor

  • Possibility to display/hide the additional shapes

Display additional information on the UI

Add new technical notes


ADS-PRO V421 – bug fixes

  • Fix additional shapes display on Control Station and Longitudinal Control Lines Editors, for bodies located out of the symmetric plane of the airplane
  • Fix data not saved for control systems
  • Fix check of the computer Id during On-Line Registration
  • Fix engine drag computation for multi engine
  • Other minor fixes

ADS-PRO V420 – new features

Display additional shapes on the Control Stations and Longitudinal Control Lines Editor

  • Lifting surfaces
  • Control surfaces
  • High lift devices
  • Fuselage
  • Nacelles
  • Landing gear

Improve the mass computation of the aircraft's systems

Add contextual menu to display/compute the characteristics of fuselage, control surfaces and high lift devices

Display additional information on the UI

Add new technical notes


ADS-PRO V420 – bug fixes

  • Fix technical note display TN00-063 (chek-list to perform the reverse engineering)
  • Fix crash if request to insert a control station in front of the last one (from the TreeView and the Longitudinal Control Lines Editor)
  • Fix gear strut position (from the wheel side)
  • Fix distance and angle measure on the Control Station Editor
  • Other minor fixes

ADS-PRO V419 – new features

Focus on the reverse engineering analysis

  • Geometry, propulsion
  • Performance: cruise, climb, takeoff, landing and stall performance analysis
  • Aerodynamic analysis
  • Quality analysis
  • Statistical analysis

Engine envelope created by default (single cylinder)

Compute equivalent friction coefficient for parabolic drag polar and shift-do-to-camber drag polar

Display additional information on the UI

Add new technical notes


ADS-PRO V419 – bug fixes

  • Fix crash if request to display statistics
  • Fix volume coefficient computation (not computed during reverse-engineering analysis and performance analysis)
  • Improve propeller efficiency calculation for a fixed pitch propeller in Level Flight
  • Improve results display for stall performance if no high lift device selected
  • Other minor fixes

ADS-PRO V418 – new features

Compute the performance of an airliner:

  • Cruise performance
  • Payload chart
  • Drag tables and charts
  • SAR tables and charts
  • Mission table and charts

Model airliners

  • Turbofan engines
  • Interior: cabin, flight deck, cargo bays, gear bays
  • Doors: passenger, emergency, cargo doors, gear doors
  • Structure: ribs, spars, frames

Add turbofan database

Improve installation efficiency for propeller driven airplane

Display additional information on the UI

Add new technical notes


ADS-PRO V418 – bug fixes

  • Fix the generation of the fuselage 3D-Model 
  • Fix error message display when New Airplane + Select category
  • Fix crash if lifting surface section has a relative position lower than 1m
  • Fix refresh of the Memo content if Check Data selected
  • Fix initialization of the trapezoidal section index at 100% position along the span
  • Fix image import on the Top-View. The imported image must have a width greater than the height. A warning message is displayed if this is not the case.
  • Fix the change of lifting surface incidence. Not relayed to cross sections
  • Other minor fixes




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