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The objective of these studies is to validate the Design Module of ADS.

Starting from the design specification, the Design Module of ADS will compute the dimensions of your aircraft as well as its performances for different flight conditions.

Validation of the Design Module of ADS is done by using it to model an existing aircraft of which flight data is available. The computed results from ADS can then be compared with the flight data to give an idea of the accuracy which can be expected when designing a new aircraft of similar configuration to the one used for the validation.

" Outstanding accuracy !

       It would take nothing at all for it to fly ..."

DA42 Twin Star

Version : ADS V2.5.1

The reference aircraft used for validation was the DA42 Twin Star of Diamond Aircraft. The data used in the comparison has been extracted from the Airplane Flight Manual, which is also available online from the manufacturer’s website.

The table below presents a summary of the PCA2000 validation. It shows the aircraft performance as computed by PCA2000, as well as the data recorded from in-flight measurements. The relative gap between the numbers is also given .

 Phase of flight:
In-flight measurements
Takeoff run (1600kg) 330 m 341 m +3,23%
Takeoff to 15m (1600kg) 495 m 533 m +7,13%
Maximum rate of climb (1500kg) 6,50 m/s 7,00 m/s + 6,75%
Maximum rate of climb OEI (1500kg)
0,90 m/s 
0,89 m/s
Maximum level speed (0m)
283 km/h
289 km/h
Maximum lift coefficient (clean) 1,64 1,67 +1,80%
Digitizer  :      
Wing area 16,476 mē 16,290 mē -1,14%
Wing span
13,420 m
13,420 m
Fuselage length
8,560 m
8,545 m

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Glasair III

Version : ADS V2.1

The flight measurements were taken on a Glasair III by the American association CAFE 400.

The table hereafter presents the validation results. It indicates the existing deviations between the measurement and the modelling for the different flight phases. The small deviations observed tend to indicate that the current version of the model may be considered as a correct approach to reality.

  Phase of flight:
In-flight measurements
Takeoff run
427 m 
410 m
Best rate of climb speed (Vy)
209 km/h
211 km/h
Rate of climb at 256 km/h
10,56 m/s
10,84 m/s
Cruising speed
406 km/h
404 km/h

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