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OAD offers a new service: the TMF-Analysis (Technical, Marketing and Financial), which aims to help project leaders to develop the business plan for their project design / aircraft construction.
The TMF-Analysis includes:

  • A technical analysis,
  • A market study,
  • A financial analysis.

The Technical analysis consists to perform the conceptual design of the project.
The Marketing analysis aims to analyse the competitors and assessing potential market size.
The Financial analysis allows to quantify the R&D costs, as well as the manufacturing and operating costs in order to fix the selling price of the product, to follow the cash-flow and determine the breakeven point, according to different scenarios (3).

The TMF-Analysis is essential and should be done as soon as possible. It will give a clear idea of the budget required to conduct the project. The TMF-Analysis will also be used to plan the evolution of financial needs. Moreover, this analysis is essential to validate the initial specifications and adjust them if necessary.

The TMF-Analysis may be performed incrementally. The basic analysis gives a clear idea of the budget required for the project. This information is vital before making the decision to become more involved in the project. To quantify the profitability of the project, it will be necessary to make a deeper technical, marketing and financial analysis.

Don't hesitate to contact us (info@oad.aero) if you want to get a copy of a TMF-Analysis report. We will send you the price list at the same time.



Consulting plays a key role in OAD's activities.

Concept study.

Etincelle 3 vues

We can design all kinds of planes, with any specifications: UAVs, light aircraft, jets, single and twin-engine planes, with electric or internal combustion engines. We can offer you comprehensive or specific assistance.

We can simply help you define your specifications, or take part in the complete development of your project. We can design a new prototype or help with modifications to an existing design. We use our own calculation models to answer most questions that arise during the pilot study incredibly quickly.

Market research

We can also help with the majority of your market research by carrying out a comparative analysis of your product and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ products.

Comprehensive study

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, OAD can offer a high quality comprehensive service. We can help with the whole project, from defining the specifications to the flight tests for the prototype:

  • Modelling
  • Design
  • Validation
  • Production
  • Tests
  • Flight tests

Our benefits

We can support you from the early stages of your project right through to your aircraft going into production. We have developed our own calculation tools with which we can quickly define the key features of the plane. We are proud of our flexibility and the extent to which we listen to our clients. Their ultimate satisfaction is our main goal.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a detailed quote for a specific project. It will be meticulously prepared on the basis of a list of tasks to be completed, an estimate of the time needed and an hourly rate.

A typical study

A typical design and analysis task is described here under. It is obvious that the OAD may achieve in its entirety or partially, depending on customer needs.

  • Initial discussion with the customer to understand his needs and expectations
  • Definition of the general configuration of the aircraft to meet the initial specifications
  • Analysis of the preliminary cost (market price)
  • Adjustment of the specifications to minimize the costs
  • Analysis of the market & the competitor
  • Design of the optimal configuration (iterative process)
    • Total wetted area
    • Propulsion, (definition of the propeller characteristics : diameter, pitch anle, …)
    • Sizing the lifting surfaces (airfoil selection)
    • Sizing the high lift devices
    • Sizing the landing gear
    • Weight analysis
    • Longitudinal stability analysis, lateral and directional analysis
    • Calculation of the stability derivatives
    • Calculation of the CG position
    • Calculation of the CG range
    • Sizing the control surfaces
    • Calculation of the performances (cruise, best range and endurance, stall, climb, takeoff and landing) for different wing loading.
    • Check the accordance with the selected airworthiness requirements
    • Calculation of the moment of inertia for different flight weights
    • Calculation of the dynamic stability
  • Design and integration of the different systems
    • Propulsion
    • Landing gear
    • Electrical system
    • Hydraulic system
    • Control system
    • Fuel system
    • Instruments
    • Pressurization
    • Furnishing
  • Validation by comparison with existing aircraft and virtual flight on a flight simulator
  • Detailed analysis of the manufacturing process
  • Detailed cost analysis, design, manufacturing and operational.
  • Generating a 3D Model of the aircraft
  • Load analysis according to the selected airworthiness requirement
  • Load analysis & structural design
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Load testing
  • Detailed drawings
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Flight test program
  • Optimization of the flight characteristics of the airplane
  • Accompanying during the certification process
  • Tooling design and manufacturing





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